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Shane LaBarge
General Manager
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Home Security Systems in San Angelo, TX


Only the best will do when it comes to protecting your home and family from home invasions, theft, and violence. That’s why ASG Security installs only the most innovative systems using the latest technology. Our ASG connect system utilizes the only “smart” panel available in the industry today. It will never be obsolete or outdated like every other control panel because it gets automatically updated anytime a new feature or version of its firmware is available.

When integrated into your existing home security system, ASG Connect enables you to use your computer, smartphone or tablet to remotely control your alarm, lighting, locks, thermostat, even raise or lower your garage door and more! You can even receive real-time alerts to your phone regarding specific events: who came home, what lights went on…you name it.

Video in the Cloud: TX Video Surveillance For Small Business

Imagine a video surveillance system that can be viewed, operated and managed in any web-browser, smart phone or tablet, from anywhere the internet reaches. No additional hardware or software is needed. Simply plug an ASG Video-enabled network camera into any broadband router, and it will auto negotiate with our high-security servers. No extra configuration is ever necessary.

ASG Video combines the power of the internet with IP video technology to securely store and manage your video offsite in a protected, secure environment so it will be available to you whenever you need it on any device connected to the internet. Gone are the days of expensive and unreliable DVRs, ASG's cloud-based system delivers all your video directly to a secure data center using your existing broadband infrastructure.

Branch History & Timeline

Going Forward

Going forward, the vision of the local branch is to continue offering the best interactive security products and customer service in west Texas, and at the most reasonable rates. San Angelo Security and ASG Security Abilene are both vital parts of our enterprise.

Interactive Alarm Systems

In 2011, both San Angelo Security and Texana Security were acquired by ASG Security, and in 2012, the newly named San Angelo Security, and its sister store, ASG Security Abilene, started selling new product lines such as the interactive 2Gig alarm system and ASG Video. This move has opened the door for lots of new opportunity.

A New Chapter

New chapters began in 2010, when the company moved into a new San Angelo facility and opened its own central monitoring station.

A Mid Century Birth

San Angelo Security (also known as ASG Security San Angelo) was originally San Angelo Security Service, founded in 1961 by James R. McClellan, Sr.

Texana Security

His son, James McClellan II, later took the reins and eventually expanded the business by purchasing Supreme Security in Abilene, Texas in 1994. With a greater foothold in the west Texas market, the company named its new offices Texana Security.