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Customer Reviews


"My name is Mark Johnson, I am the Co-owner of Broadway Florist in Moore, OK. I would like to take this time to talk about ASG Security. A couple of years ago, our home was broken in to. When we started to look for a security company to keep us safe, our attention keep going back to ASG Security. Their customer service was superb and their pricing was the best. We thought we'd give them a try. Their technician was on time and polite. Before leaving he ensured we understood our new system. After less than a year, we installed the ASG Connect alarm system at our shop, which allows us to control our thermostats and watch live video remotely. Anytime, when either our home or business alarms were set off, within less than a minute we were contacted by a professional alarm specialist, who ensured we were safe before disconnecting the call. I would highly recommend ASG Security to anyone looking for peace of mind. Excellent customer service, great equipment and professional alarm specialists, I found out doesn't have to be expensive. Thank you ASG security for keeping my family safe."

Mark E Johnson

Broadway Florist

Moore, OK



"I am very pleased with the service I have received from ASG to include the follow up card. I would like to thank you and Mr. Vincent for providing me and my family with world class customer service. Be blessed."

Marquita Sayles

Austin, TX




"My family and I had been concerned about the increase in home invasions and crime in the valley and realized we did not have an active security system. I was referred by my boss at Benchmark Construction to call ASG Security. Our sales representative Rene De Anda scheduled an appointment and diligently explained the services and packages that we could choose from. We decided on one and the installation was conveniently done shortly after.
My parents are extremely happy the security panel is so easy to work and we couldn't be happier with our overall service."

Carolina Garza

McAllen, TX 




"On behalf of BM Benchmark Construction we would like attest the company has been extremely satisfied with the service ASG Security as a company, their sales representative Rene De Anda and installation crew have provided for our company.
Benchmark Construction is pleased to recommend the service and amazing packages ASG Security has to offer."

George Boghs, Owner

BM Benchmark Construction, LLC

McAllen, TX 




"I wanted to write to advise you how satisfied one of our owners was with the service provided by ASG Security today. The owner, a Board Member, was having trouble utilizing his alarm system. Today a technician named Robin was at his house to correct all issues Mr. Conklin was experiencing. Mr. Conklin could not be more satisfied with the service he received from Robin. The system was up and running to full capacity within the hour.
As always, we appreciate the exceptional relationship between Las Brisas Hills Condominiums Association and ASG Security."

Mike Clark

Community Director

Las Brisas Hills Condominiums Association




"I just wanted to pass along a BIG THANKS to one of your employees Eddie Lee. He has been a big help over the year in helping us with our many service calls. He always has a smile on his face and a great “CAN DO” attitude each and every time he comes on our campus. He always says call me if you need me. That goes a long way in knowing when I call Eddie it will be fixed and in a timely fashion.
Thanks ASG for a great employee. WRAL has a motto “COVERAGE YOU CAN COUNT ON” well that sums up Eddie Lee!"

Chris Coles

Raleigh, NC





"On Friday, June 28, 2013 Mr. Michael Williams came to service my mother's (Edna Hearon, 3013 Wedgedale Ave., Durham, NC 27703) alarm system. At ringing the door bell my mother got up to answer and fell to her knees. My mother was able to crawl to the door to open it. Mr. Williams then helped her to the chair, and recognize she had shortness of breath. He then began to call numbers, one of which was mine, and he call 911. Mr. Williams stayed with my mother until the paramedic arrived and transported her to the hospital. As the result of my mother's fall, her pressure dropped very low.
I want the ASG Security team know and to THANK Mr. Williams for the support and care he showed to my mother. Had it not been for him at that particular moment ringing the doorbell, I'm not sure what could have happen. It's people like Mr. Williams that cares and you see the genuineness he has. From talking to my mother, she stated that Mr. Williams would stop when he was in the area servicing others, to see how she was doing. That's AWESOME!!!!. THANKS Mr. Williams."

Edna Hearon

Durham, NC





"I want to thank you and the entire ASG Security team for keeping an eye on my house when I am not around. On Tuesday December 10, 2013, I left my house around 7:30 am. I got a call from the ASG Security call center around 9:08 am because the alarm went off. I told them to dispatch the police. When they came, they found out there was a break-in in the back of the house because someone broke the window in my bedroom with a rock. Because the alarm went off, the burglar did not have time to steal much. Thanks to your team's quick response, the police was able to come to my property ASAP, while one was at my house communicating to the other ones thru the radio describing the scene. They were able to capture the burglar in less than 1 hour after broken into my house. One of them saw a guy walking around with what looks like a jacket in his hand that he was not wearing in the cold weather, they got suspicious. They stopped him, and found my gun that he stole wrapping in a blanket (the only 2 things he got away with). They picked him, he confessed about everything that he did, arrested him, and returned my gun to me the same day after they processed it. I am so glad they got him before he hurt someone with it.
Despite the inconvenience of a broken window, and the thought that someone violated my privacy; things could have been so much worse if I did not have your team on my side. Thank you for everything you and your team do every day for all your customers."

Harry Mauge

Dallas, TX





"6 pm on Saturday, February 8th we had an alarm at Peggy and Biff Meredith, Carbon Monoxide Detected. Yes there was Carbon Monoxide Detected.

Now here is the Rest Of The Story! Thursday February 6th we had a service call for a Carbon Monoxide Detector false alarming. Kevin Sandifer; our local ASG Service Technician, made a call to Peggy and Biff Meredith and tested the detector. He found that the Carbon Monoxide Detector tested good but found that the communicator in the system was not working properly. So, he replaced the unit. On February the 8th we got a Carbon Monoxide alarm again. The Central Station called the customer, Mrs. Meredith told the Dispatcher that the unit was false alarming and should not Dispatch. The operator explained that they had dispatched the fire department. The Fire Department tested the air quality in the home and found that everything was good, but they had supervisor coming to do the test again with a different Carbon Monoxide test unit. He found that the air quality was hazardous to human life. With all the hot and cold weather changes in our market, the heating unit is off during the day and running at night. Just a Note to everyone check it twice.

P.S. Remember, Life Safety is why we do this every day. Protecting the Ones They Love"

Paul M. Fontenot
Branch Manager
ASG Security

Monroe, LA



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