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ASG EVOLVE – Hardwired to wireless in a snap

Join ASG’s Evolution Revolution!
Switch your home security service to ASG Evolve™

Security system owners: If you’ve been waiting to switch to a provider that offers you smartphone control over your alarm, lights, locks and thermostats, that wait is over. ASG Security invites you to try ASG Evolve, a high security cellular communicator that supports your alarm monitoring service, replaces your outdated landline phone and gives you mobile control over your home’s most important functions. Here’s what switching to ASG Evolve can do for you.

Upgrade to High Security Cellular Communication

Ready to replace your expensive landline? ASG Evolve can turn your alarm into a wireless, interactive security system by replacing the phone line with a high security cellular communicator that connects you to our central station. There’s no need to “uninstall” your existing system; adding on the ASG Evolve device upgrades the entire system immediately.

Remotely Arm and Disarm Your System

With ASG Evolve, you’ll be able to arm and disarm your system remotely from your smart phone or tablet. Turn the system on from your driveway as you leave for the day; if you forget, just turn it on when you get to work. Before you arrive home, you can disarm the system so that it’s one less thing to do. ASG Evolve offers you the power of convenience.

Get Important Text Alerts

Immediately after switching to ASG Evolve, you can begin enjoying the benefits of total control over your alarm system. In addition to remotely arming and disarming, that includes receiving push notifications by text message when an event happens in your home. You can also view your system’s event log in the palm of your hands within seconds.

Automate Your Home

And if you opt for the Automation Gateway upgrade*, you can gain control over your home’s most critical functions: alarms, lights, locks and thermostats. You’re not replacing your security system with an expensive new one; you’re actually adding features to the security system you already have. Subscribe today, and you’ll start receiving these incredible benefits!

FREE Installation!

For a limited time, ASG is offering installation of our ASG Evolve wireless communicator for FREE. That’s right: There is no installation charge for this introductory offer. Call ASG at (866) 705-4274 to ask for ASG Evolve service, and you can be up and running in no time. Monthly monitoring starts as low as $29.95** for this premium service. Contact us today to learn more!

*Optional Automation Gateway upgrade is a one-time installation charge of $49.00.

**Offer valid for new ASG Security customers only.

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