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Important Notice

An IMPORTANT NOTICE for ASG Customers Considering VOIP Phone Service.

We are in the business of keeping you and your loved ones protected. Therefore, the integrity of your security service is our first and most important priority.

Our ASG Connect interactive and automation system communicates via a high-security cellular communicator and does not require a landline, however some of ASG’s systems are designed to transmit over standard telephone lines. If you have an ASG system that requires a standard landline installed in your premise and you elect not to keep your standard landline service, or if you are considering a change to VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol), your system may not be able to communicate properly to ASG’s Central Monitoring Station. If you eliminate your landline for any reason, we offer a low-cost wireless communications solution to keep you connected.

What is ASG’s Wireless Communications Solution?

In partnership with Honeywell, ASG is pleased to offer the GSM Digital Cellular Communicator. This is a cellular communication device that allows your existing alarm system to communicate with ASG’s central monitoring station whether a landline exists in your home or not. This service is available immediately to all our customers.

To speak with a customer service representative, please contact us at (866) 705-4274 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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