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ASG Connect for Businesses

ASG Security is proud to unveil a product that reflects the future of small business security integration. With ASG Connect, virtual control of your commercial security system is at your fingertips from anywhere you happen to be.

How does it work? ASG Connect utilizes cameras that link to your laptop computer and/or Web-capable mobile phone. After logging into your ASG Connect account from either of these devices, you can instantly check on the status of any area of your store or office where a camera is present.


 Imagine having an instant window into your business when you’re:

  • Gone for the day
  • On vacation
  • On medical leave

…And, consider the endless uses. Yes, you can view your business’ entry points to be sure they’re secure; but with the touch of a few buttons, you can also remotely view your:

  • Cash register
  • Safe
  • Employees/workstations
  • Inventory
  • Break rooms
  • Areas at risk of fire or flood

And, if a door has been opened or a hazard is looming, ASG Connect can make you aware of it immediately. By programming your system to notify you of events as they happen – or, to check on the areas of your choice at scheduled times – you can be further empowered in your quest to stay on top of your small business security.

What better way to manage from a distance? And, because it helps you oversee productivity at all times, ASG Connect for small business can contribute to your efforts to boost your bottom line.

For inquiries on obtaining ASG Connect for your small business, contact ASG Security to request a free security analysis of your location.

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