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Government & Industrial Security Systems



The Federal Government Division of ASG Security


Use Our GSA Schedules!

AccuTech Systems, a division of ASG Security, is proud to offer Federal Government entities the freedom and convenience of using our GSA Schedule.


FSC Group 84
Part 1: Alarm and Signal Systems/Facility Management Systems, Professional Security/Facility Management Services and Guard Services (includes Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Video/CCTV, Communications, Vehicle Control, Security Integration Services)
SINs 246-20-1,2,3,4
SINs 246-23
SINs 246-25
SINs 246-35-1,2,3,4,5,6
SINs 246-36
SINs 246-40
SINs 246-42-1,2,3
SINs 246-1000: Labor Rates & Ancillary Services (Design, Installation, Integration & Service)
SIN 426-4S

As a secondary option, AccuTech Systems is authorized dealer for several manufacturers utilizing GSA Schedules:

Andover Controls/Integral Technologies GS-07F-9323S
Aiphone GS-35F-0065L
GE Security
(includes Casi, Sentrol, Kalatel & ITI)
Hirsch Electronics GS-07F-7733C
Pelco GS-03F-4079B
Bosch/Radionics GS-03F-7820C
Honeywell GS-07F-9785H
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