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3 Security Precautions for the New Year

We can’t tell you what new year’s resolutions to make, but we can tell you what precautions you can take to stay on top of your residential and business security. Your family and employees deserve to stay safe in 2013, so make these easy actions a priority as soon as possible:

Change your locks.

Changing the locks is the first thing that anyone moving into a new home or business property should do. If you are new to your address, you must re-key your locks immediately to ensure that the old occupants (or people they gave a key to) don’t break in. Of course, seasoned residents may still need to change their locks too – for example, if there was recently a break-in. If a key was lost or stolen, that is another event that warrants immediate re-keying. If you haven’t done these things yet, the new year is the perfect time to give yourself a safe, fresh start.

Test your smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms provide the only alert to a fire in about one-quarter of house fires, and most states require them by law in both homes and businesses. However, many people are unaware when their smoke alarms are not operational; that is why testing the alarm every six months is so important. Push the test button on your alarm every January and June to be sure it is in working condition. And while you are at it, change the batteries on the alarm as well. Too many smoke alarm defects are simply due to dead batteries, and families pay for that defect with their lives.

Arm your security system.

Owning an alarm is only an effective security measure if you turn it on. Make sure your system is armed every time you leave the home, when you go to bed and when you go away on vacation. Also, be sure to train all family members or employees to use the system properly. Many owners are just nervous that an untrained person will trigger the alarm signal by accident, and therefore they abandon the alarm altogether; this is a big mistake. When everyone knows how to use the alarm, it keeps all occupants more secure.

These are simple precautions you can take to keep your home or business safer in 2013. We highly recommend you start on them now!

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