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Getting Back Your Stolen Items from a Pawn Shop

Dallas security system owners (and everyone else): If you are burglarized and are holding out hope of locating your stolen property, where is one of the first places you should look? A pawn shop, of course.

Most burglars are not going to keep your stolen property for themselves; even during the holidays when brand new gifts are stolen from inside homes, those items are rarely retained by the burglar. Items like new electronics and jewelry are often taken to pawn shops, where thieves will attempt to make a quick buck off of your property.

So, is it possible to get your things back once they are in the pawn shop system? It may be, if the shop is cooperative. Here are some tips for anyone who intends to try.

File a police report as quickly as possible. If you go to a pawn shop and present a police report listing items that were stolen weeks ago, a pawn shop may not be as cooperative with you. Remember, most items are pawned within a day or two of the burglary.

Provide serial numbers for all items stolen. Yes, that requires you to keep a written record of all your serial numbers now. If something gets stolen, your chances of getting it back are much greater when the pawn shop can match up your serial number to the items you believe are yours. In fact, some pawn shops will not even entertain your plea unless you have your serial number recorded. When you purchase electronics as holiday gifts, write down each serial number.

Keep receipts, too. What if you have a notebook of serial numbers, but the pawn shop owner believes you may have just copied down those numbers after seeing the items in the shop? An envelope of receipts will nip his concerns in the bud. With serial numbers and receipts, it will be hard for a pawn broker to argue with your claims.

If you do your due diligence, then a pawn shop will have no choice but to contact the police. These steps may sound like a hassle, but they offer burglary victims the best chance of getting their stolen property back if the items are pawned. We hope these tips have been helpful, and that all our Dallas security system owners have a burglary-free holiday season!

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