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Establishing a Family Break-In Plan

Posted by Bob Ryan

You think you know what you would do during a break-in, but do you really? Many people who have experienced one say that everything they knew went out the window when it happened to them. To make sure you don’t forget what you’ve learned, we recommend making a family plan. What does that mean?

Protect Your Home from 10 Minute Burglaries

Posted by Bob Ryan

It is true that most burglaries happen during daylight hours; many surveys, news sources and even government statistics confirm this. But does that mean you have to be away at work all day in order for a burglary to happen to your home? Not necessarily. One key insight may give you a new perspective on your family’s burglary risks.

Do You Need to Replace Your Alarm System?

Posted by Bob Ryan

That may be a trick question. Most experts agree that it is a good idea to update a security system every 10 to 15 years, particularly if there are many devices in play (motion sensors, door contacts, glass break detectors, contact switches, etc.).

Pets and Alarm Systems: Preventing a False Alarm

Posted by Bob Ryan

One question we often receive from home security customers in Oklahoma City (and elsewhere) is this: “Can my pets set off my alarm?” The answer is, yes – but the chance is minimal, because we professionally install your system in a way that reduces the risk of a pet activating the alarm.

Watch Out for this Internal Theft Scam

Posted by Bob Ryan

Business owners: Have you ever thought about the possibility of internal theft happening at your operation? As much as most employers don’t want to admit it, the prospect of one of your employees stealing from you is always there. Internal theft doesn’t always happen in the cliché form of stealing from the cash register, either. Sometimes, it’s done in more unexpected ways.

How Does a Gas Explosion Happen?

Posted by Bob Ryan

If the photos we are seeing of the ravaged building in Harlem this week are any indication, a gas leak can be a serious matter of life and death. The explosion that took place, as of the date of this writing, has killed seven and injured dozens more. But how do you know if you have a gas leak, and how soon should you report it?

Home Security Companies vs. Security Camera Dealers

Posted by Bob Ryan

While the majority of home security companies also sell security cameras and video surveillance services, there are some video surveillance specialty companies (a.k.a. security camera dealers) that don’t offer alarms or alarm monitoring services. Those companies will tell you that this is a good thing – that because they specialize exclusively in video surveillance and don’t offer alarms, it makes them superior to a home security company that does both.

When Should You Change Your Locks?

Posted by Bob Ryan

That is a question we are often asked by our security systems customers in Raleigh (and elsewhere, of course). There are many different occasions that warrant having your locks changed, which we will describe here.

Talking to Teens about Home Security

Posted by Bob Ryan

If you’re raising teenagers, you most likely have your hands full. As a provider of home security in Houston, ASG Security wants to make your job easier by giving you some tips about talking to teens about home security. Even if they purport to “already know” about home security (after all, don’t teens know everything?), many of them aren’t sure how they would handle a dangerous home security threat – whether they admit it to you or not. That’s why it’s important to educate teens on using your home security system.

ASG Security Customers Saved by Carbon Monoxide Detector

Posted by Bob Ryan

If you need a reason to implement carbon monoxide detection into your security system, we have one for you here. We recently heard from customers of our ASG Louisiana branch who directly benefited from the life-saving functions of their carbon monoxide detector.

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