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Do You Make Any of These Top Home Security Blunders?

Posted by Bob Ryan

Every day people unwittingly make it easier for a criminal to commit crime. In fact, criminals count on a resident loosing focus, and making that one mistake that provides the opportunity they need to burglarize your home.

Video Surveillance and After School Monitoring

Posted by Bob Ryan

States differ on the age at which a child can be left home alone, and though it is not a parent’s first choice, circumstances may make it necessary for a young person to spend brief periods of time home alone. When this is the case, a home security system can be a very valuable tool in assuring the child’s safety and in keeping things under control. More than just a way to protect against intruders, a home security system can be a parent’s tool in monitoring the child’s arrival home and even provide a way to see that they are doing well.

Simple and Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home Security

Posted by Bob Ryan

Crime doesn’t just happen. Criminals look for their best opportunity to do or get what they want without getting caught, and surprisingly little things can cause them to rule out a potential target. Studies show that in many cases, the crimes could have been prevented had the resident taken measures to make their home less inviting to thieves by improving simple security features.

How to Foil The 6 Second Garage Break In

Posted by Bob Ryan

With over a million views on Youtube, videos on the 6 second garage door break-in cause more than a little concern. The videos show how thieves can break in through a commonly used automatic garage door in 6 short seconds, using nothing more than a wire hanger.

Home Security is an Important Tool in Dementia Care

Posted by Bob Ryan

Assuring the safety of someone with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia is one of the most critical concerns for caregivers. As the condition progresses, individuals with dementia experience diminished abilities that causes memory loss, dulled or changed senses, poor judgment, and a loss of the senses of time and place. The symptoms are frustrating and disheartening to the sufferer, who has no control of the condition. Unfortunately, they can also cause the individual to put themselves in danger as they attempt to accomplish tasks they were once able to do with ease.

3D Technologies Bumping Up Crime

Posted by Bob Ryan

3D printing technology is amazing. In minutes you can print a plastic representation of just about anything. Anything,—including exact copies of the keys to your home or commercial building without ever having seen the originals. It sounds like high-tech gadget wizardry right out of a James Bond movie but it is actually just using two existing technologies to make what criminals have done for years that much easier.

6 Ways DYI Home Security Systems Just Don’t Measure Up

Posted by Bob Ryan

In many cases, DYI is a great, affordable option. It is easy to see why it is an attractive consideration even in home security. But do DYI home security systems measure up to consumer expectations? In most cases, the answer is a resounding, no. In home security, the stakes are high and the system’s capability and functionality matter. While many tout the ease of installation in DYI systems, most consumers do not realize these systems lack the very features that make home security alarm systems desirable.

Your Landscaping has a lot to do with Home Security

Posted by Bob Ryan

When we think of home security, we most often think of home security alarm systems. While alarm systems are always a great number one choice in home protection, there is something more you can do to help protect your property—consider the landscaping.

Don’t Believe the Top 7 Home Burglary Myths

Posted by Bob Ryan

We see crime daily on television shows, in movies, and in video games. How crime is depicted in the media is far different than how it plays out in reality however, and that misinformation can put our family, property and us at risk.

Home Automation is at the Forefront of Energy Efficiency

Posted by Bob Ryan

Home automation has been around for decades but until very recently most consumers viewed the technology as something they would see in a movie centered on some James Bond-esque plot. The trends are changing though, and technology that connect users to every facet of home automation technologies offering energy efficiency is making the list of top technologies adopted in households today.

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