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Smart Home Technologies for Back-to-School Success

Posted by Bob Ryan

If you have kids you know the chaos of getting everyone out the door on time, or managing daily routines so chores and schoolwork get done. As the kids get older, the schedule gets even more demanding as they add things like extracurricular activities and time with their friends to the already taxed weekly schedule. Making sure everything runs smoothly and optimally is a near impossible task and would take a team of people to get done. Fortunately, smart home technologies provide some great ways to tame a monster school schedule.

Yes, You can Use Video Surveillance Systems Effectively and Legally

Posted by Bob Ryan

Some people shy away from using video surveillance because they are under the impression that it is just too difficult to do while complying with privacy laws. The truth is, video surveillance laws are governed by common sense and state and federal laws. Most importantly, it is easy to harness the advantages of video surveillance and satisfy all legal requirements.

Is Relying on Fake Security Signs Worth the Risk?

Posted by Bob Ryan

A burglary happens every 15 seconds somewhere in the United States. In nearly every burglary, the criminal makes a series of assessments to decide whether robbing a home is worth the risk. Sometimes a simple security sign or sticker is enough to deter a would-be thief; but not always. Criminals are savvy and if they feel it is worth the effort, they will make further evaluations to see if there is indeed a system, and what it would take to get past it.

Is it Time to Ask About Upgrading Your Security Alarm System? The Answer is Yes

Posted by Bob Ryan

Over the last two decades consumers have become increasingly aware of the value that security systems provide, which has caused a surge in security system users. Many of these systems however, have become outdated and the security system owner does not have access to features provided by newer technologies.

Tips for Effective Lockdown Procedures

Posted by Bob Ryan

In light of the steady increase in school and workplace violence, it has become necessary for every public business or institution to consider implementing lockdown protocols to be used in the event of an emergency. While no one plan will fit every institution and no plan is perfect, there are some tips and procedures that every protocol should include.

How to Improve Church Security

Posted by Bob Ryan

In 2013, USA Today printed an article about church security noting that “the number of deadly episodes at sanctuaries has soared over the last decade, and mass shootings at schools, malls, and movie theaters have left Americans feeling like it could happen anywhere.”

Three Considerations in Improving School Safety

Posted by Bob Ryan

Schools are among the safest places in our communities and parents should have every confidence sending their children to these educational havens. Yet, according to Indicators of School crime and Safety: 2011, (Washington DC: Bureau of Justice Statistics and National Center for Education and Statistics 2011) in 2010, a greater number of students ages 12-18 were victims of violent crimes in the school than out of the school.

Home and Business Security Systems Benefit from Video Verification Systems

Posted by Bob Ryan

Security alarms make an undeniable difference in the deterrence of crime. National surveys of law enforcement personnel reveal that security alarms are highly effective in the aid of apprehension of criminals, and criminals say they are less likely to commit a crime where security systems are present.  That makes the seamless function of these systems very important.

20 Affordable Steps to Prevent Daytime Burglary

Posted by Bob Ryan

In the time you allot to reading this article, say 5 minutes, 20 home burglary crimes will be committed in the United States. Many of them occur in broad daylight. While many people mistakenly believe that daylight is enough hindrance to prevent crime, it may actually be an asset to the criminal in many cases. During the daylight hours, most people are less on guard, expect unfamiliar people to be in the neighborhood, and are casual about open windows and unlocked doors. All of these things make daytime a perfect option in committing crime.

Summer Safety Checklist

Posted by Bob Ryan

Most of us love the longer days of summer and relish a little time to relax, either at home or away. But failing to adequately prepare can prove dangerous or costly and take all the fun out of summer. Whether you plan on vacationing away or want to have a memorable staycation, here are some tips to keep you and your home safe this summer.

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