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Stay Safe from Distraction Burglary this Year

Posted by Bob Ryan

Distraction burglary is still a serious problem in many parts of the country. It may seem like the end of summer means the end of distraction burglaries for another year, but with the holidays just around the corner, the unfortunate trend is likely to come back with a vengeance for the next couple of months. How can you protect yourself from becoming a victim? Here are some ideas:

Protecting Children from Bullies

Posted by Bob Ryan

With the increased focus on bullying throughout schools and families over the past decade, we thought it would be a good idea to join the organizations and businesses that are promoting National Bullying Prevention Month this October.

What Does a Burglar Want?

Posted by Bob Ryan

Doesn’t he have enough stuff? Probably, but he wants things he can sell for cash – that is, unless you have cash. If so, he’ll take that too. There are plenty of official government statistics that show us exactly what burglars want, and common sense backs it up. Here are the items that burglars want the most:

How to Avoid Being Struck by Lightning

Posted by Bob Ryan

There are all kinds of old adages involving lightning strikes: “Lightning never strikes twice,” “I hope they get struck by lightning for that” and “You have a better chance of being struck by lightning” all come to mind.

Time to Get Prepared!

Posted by Bob Ryan

Why? Because it’s National Disaster Preparedness Month! This is an annual event implemented by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under the Department of Homeland Security.

Home Buyers Have Come a Long Way since the Housing Boom

Posted by Bob Ryan

What do today’s home buyers really want in a new home? According to an Economics and Housing Policy Group survey, they want very different things today than they did during the housing boom. The responses, which came from nearly 4,000 respondents, indicated that:

Make Sure You Always…

Posted by Bob Ryan

It’s not fair to blame the victim of any crime – but if you become the victim of a crime like burglary, it’s tempting to be hard on yourself. It’s not uncommon for victims of burglary to ask themselves, “Is there anything I could have done?” To save yourself from the unnecessary heartache of being burglarized and the guilt that sometimes follows, make sure you always, always, always:

Fire Risks at Home: 3 Little-Known Culprits

Posted by Bob Ryan

Although some parts of the country conclude their official “fire season” in September, it’s still important to remember that a fire can happen any time of the year – especially inside your home. In fact, fire risks are in places you may not have even considered. Take a look at the following culprits of fire risk, and then ask yourself: Could this start a fire in my home?

The High Cost of Minding Your Own Business

Posted by Bob Ryan

It seems like many people are apprehensive about contacting the authorities when they suspect something illegal is going on in their neighborhoods. This is unfortunate, because people who fail to report illegal activity may actually be putting themselves at risk. Here are some possible consequences of “minding your own business” too much, specifically when you believe your neighbor is committing an ongoing crime.

Stay in Compliance with Your HOA

Posted by Bob Ryan

If you live in a community that is governed by a homeowner’s association, you may be under the impression you are immune to burglary and property crimes. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, Consumer Affairs reports that some HOAs actually make it easier for burglars to break in by forbidding features on the home that are designed to keep burglars out.

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