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20 Affordable Steps to Prevent Daytime Burglary

Posted by Bob Ryan

In the time you allot to reading this article, say 5 minutes, 20 home burglary crimes will be committed in the United States. Many of them occur in broad daylight. While many people mistakenly believe that daylight is enough hindrance to prevent crime, it may actually be an asset to the criminal in many cases. During the daylight hours, most people are less on guard, expect unfamiliar people to be in the neighborhood, and are casual about open windows and unlocked doors. All of these things make daytime a perfect option in committing crime.

Summer Safety Checklist

Posted by Bob Ryan

Most of us love the longer days of summer and relish a little time to relax, either at home or away. But failing to adequately prepare can prove dangerous or costly and take all the fun out of summer. Whether you plan on vacationing away or want to have a memorable staycation, here are some tips to keep you and your home safe this summer.

June is National Safety Month

Posted by Bob Ryan

June is National Safety Month, sponsored by the National Safety Council, so it is the perfect time to direct our attention to improving safety in the home and workplace.

Should you Protect Your Small/Medium Business with a Security System? The Answer is, Yes.

Posted by Bob Ryan

Most business owners know the importance of having the right systems and technologies in place when it comes to their industry. Yet, even understanding all of the high-tech capabilities of their own industry, most business owners fail to implement all of the security technologies possible that will help protect and elevate their business. Security systems do much more than protect your business from burglary; they help manage systems, improve productivity, and protect your employees, customers, and assets.

Why Criminals Love the People Going Through the Moving Process

Posted by Bob Ryan

Moving or buying a new home is an exciting time for the new homeowner. It is also exciting for criminals intending to make you their next victim. In fact, the process of moving can make our home and belongings particularly vulnerable if we do take the important measures to prevent crime. And that is exactly what criminals count on.

10 Strategies for Loss Prevention

Posted by Bob Ryan

Inventory shrinkage is a problem for every retail business. It is probably a bigger problem than most retail owners realize. A recent National retail Security Study showed inventory shrinkage represents 1.47% of retail revenue, which translates into $44 billion in annual losses.

What You Should Know About AT&T’s 2g Sunset

Posted by Bob Ryan

In August of 2012, AT&T announced that they would be phasing out its second generation, or 2G wireless network in a process that would be completed by December of 2016. In 2012, that seemed like a long time away and most consumers dismissed the news.

7 Ways Security and Automation Systems Benefit Hotels

Posted by Bob Ryan

The security of guests, staff, and anyone that comes to the hotel is vital to the hotel industry, making security systems a valuable tool. Security systems can do so much more than provide an added measure of safety, however. Security and automation systems such as intrusion alarms, video surveillance systems, access control, and business automation systems can also protect hotel assets and profitability.

Hot Tips for Fire Prevention in the Workplace

Posted by Bob Ryan

Every employer should be concerned about fire safety and have an active fire prevention and emergency plan. Fire not only causes injury or death, it also destroys jobs. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses never reopen after a major fire, and statistics from the United States Small Business Administration indicate that 90% of businesses fail within two years after experiencing disaster, such as fire.

Do You Make Any of These Top Home Security Blunders?

Posted by Bob Ryan

Every day people unwittingly make it easier for a criminal to commit crime. In fact, criminals count on a resident loosing focus, and making that one mistake that provides the opportunity they need to burglarize your home.

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